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Operation of ICP branches in October and November

In this article you will find an overview of the opening hours of our three branches during October and November 2021.
30. 9. 2021/by Misa

Adaptation and Integration Courses in October 2021

Are you obliged to complete the Adaptation and Integration Course? See the course schedule for October and register! Our AIC team is here for you if you need advice or assistance, for example with registration. We look forward to you!
27. 9. 2021/by Dagmar Diroian

New semester of language clubs

Take a look at the offer of language clubs that we are opening this semester.
24. 9. 2021/by Misa

Adaptation and integration courses: Do I have to, or don’t have to, that is the question

Not sure if you should complete the Adaptation and Integration course? We have prepared a summary for you, which will help you orientate yourself.
14. 9. 2021/by Dagmar Diroian

Schedule of Adaptation and integration courses for September 2021

Also in September, you can take an Adaptation and integration course, which will make it easier for you to find your way in the new country. We have prepared courses in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Don´t wait and register now!
30. 8. 2021/by Dagmar Diroian

Operation of ICP branches in September

In this article you will find an overview of the opening hours of our three branches during September 2021.
25. 8. 2021/by Misa

Specialized Czech courses – Autumn 2021

If you want to improve in spoken communication or you are going to apply for permanent residence, the courses offered are exactly what you need.
23. 8. 2021/by Misa

Adaptation and integration courses in August 2021

For August, we have prepared the Adaptation and integration courses for you in all 9 languages! Take a look at our August course schedule and register!
30. 7. 2021/by Dagmar Diroian

Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners from August 2 2021

In this article we will give you basic information on the changes related to the Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners.
23. 7. 2021/by Misa

Czech language courses – autumn semester 2021

Chcete se zlepšit v češtině? Zkuste štěstí a přihlaste se na podzimní semestr kurzů českého jazyka v ICP.
8. 7. 2021/by Misa

Operation of ICP branches in July and August

You can currently use our services both online and in person at our branches. In this article you will find an overview of the opening hours of our three branches during July and August 2021.
8. 7. 2021/by Misa

Schedule of Adaptation-Integration Courses for July 2021

In June, we launched the Adaptation and Integration Courses which are compulsory for foreigners from countries outside the EU, who newly obtained a long-term or permanent residence permit in 2021 . Check out our July course schedule and register now!
8. 7. 2021/by Misa

Adaptation and Integration Courses: registration has started!

Do you know that since 2021 there is a new obligation for you as a foreigner to complete the Adaptation and Integration Course? If this obligation applies to you, we have good news for you - the courses start on June 21 and you can register now! :-)
8. 6. 2021/by Dagmar Diroian

We’re now also assisting EU citizens

We're happy to announce that starting 2021 we've included EU citizens among our clients.
4. 6. 2021/by Misa

Increasing the Czech language level required for obtaining permanent residency

The government has passed an amendment to the law regarding the Czech language level required for obtaining permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic. In this article, we're going to describe the amendment in more detail and advise you on what to watch out for when applying for permanent residence.
3. 6. 2021/by Misa

Eco-friendly living in Prague

In this article you can find the recording of our online workshop called Eco-friendly living in Prague together with all the links connected to this topic that might interest you.
2. 6. 2021/by Misa

Pregnancy and Birth in the Czech Republic

If the Czech Republic has become your new home and you'd like to give birth and raise a child here, then you should get to know the important information that we've prepared for you in this article.
26. 5. 2021/by Misa

Operation of ICP branches in May and June 2021

In this article you will find an overview of the opening hours of our three branches during May and June.
21. 5. 2021/by Misa

Become part of our mini campaign

As we would like to spread awareness of our services to other people who could use them, we thought of using the experience of those who already know us - you :-). Are you one of the clients who were satisfied with our services? Be part of the mini campaign too!
22. 4. 2021/by Misa

The Census is also for foreigners

Participate in Census online from 27 March to 9 April 2021.
24. 3. 2021/by Misa


We have answered your frequently asked questions.
24. 3. 2021/by Misa

Adaptation and integration courses

We are organizing adaptation and integration courses for you. The aim of these courses is to help you to quickly orient yourself in Czech society, obtain basic information and gain knowledge of your rights and obligations.
11. 2. 2021/by Misa

Important links

In this article, we've prepared a list of important links that may prove useful in your day-to-day life in the Czech Republic. The topics and links are directly related to educational online seminars, which we hold regularly.
31. 1. 2021/by Misa

How to use Zoom?

In this article, we'll help you understand how to use it during online seminars, Czech language courses, language clubs, and other similar online meetings.
29. 1. 2021/by Misa

Mobile application Praguer

We have launched an updated version of the PRAGUER app, which has been helping you to access important information and contacts and to orient yourself better in the Czech environment for three years now.
26. 1. 2021/by Misa

Give a good deed for Christmas

Christmas is a period of peace and love surrounded by family or good friends. How about skipping bulk shopping this year and rather prefer to give something that makes sense and can help someone who needs it?
17. 12. 2020/by Misa

Bring meaning to your free time

Would you like to experience something new, other than constant studies, work, and Netflix? Do you wish to devote your time to meaningful activities? Then what you're looking for just might be volunteering. And was there ever a better time to start volunteering than now, amidst a pandemic, when volunteers are in such high demand?
16. 11. 2020/by Misa

Let’s help animals

That's why there are many institutions devoted to animal protection. And they offer ways for how you can participate and help. In this article, we'll tell you how to help animals in the following situations.
4. 11. 2020/by Misa

Health insurance in the Czech Republic

In the last article from our professional counseling series, we'll explain just how does health insurance in the Czech Republic work.
3. 11. 2020/by Misa

We are here for you ONLINE

Due to government measures responding to the situation regarding COVID-19, we are moving to the online space. See what online services you can use.
21. 10. 2020/by Misa

Recognition of foreign education

Another of our professional counseling series will explain the most important questions regarding the recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic.
21. 10. 2020/by Misa

Job Search in CR

This article provides basic information about job searching in the Czech Republic.
29. 9. 2020/by Misa

How to be a good neighbour?

Whether you live in a family house, an apartment or dormitory, there are rules you should know and follow to maintain good relations with your neighbours. So what can you do about it? Take a look at our tips :-)
24. 9. 2020/by Misa


Our goal should be to produce as little waste as possible – no matter if it is a food packaging, unnecessary things or the food itself. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to use local possibilities in order to lead an eco-lifestyle.
18. 8. 2020/by Misa

Waste sorting

Do you know what to do with an empty milk carton, a yogurt lid or a toothpaste tube? In the Czech Republic, it is common to sort waste. The unsorted waste ends up in landfills, thus preventing its further use and unnecessarily polluting the planet. Here are some tips on what you can do with it! 
10. 8. 2020/by Misa

Free Time Activities for Families with Kids

As we’ve mentioned in the previous article, each municipal district tries to ensure the most comfortable life possible for its residents, and a high-quality leisure time definitely contributes to that. 
27. 7. 2020/by Misa

Living in Prague

It is always a good idea for every Praguer to know which municipal district he or she lives in and  take interest in the local events.  How well do you know your neighborhood? This article will provide you with basic information on what the municipal parts are and how they can be of use to you when living in Prague. 
21. 7. 2020/by Misa

Czech courses for children

Summer time can ve a great opportunity for your children to practice Czech language. Register them for one of our intensive summer courses!
7. 7. 2020/by Misa

Czech language courses – Autumn semester 2020

Enrollment in the new Czech language courses is coming! Are you interested in studying Czech in ICP? In this article we will tell you how to proceed!
21. 6. 2020/by Misa

Non-profit organizations – why to contact them

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier.
#6 Why to contact non-profit organizations
15. 6. 2020/by Misa

How to avoid cultural faux- pas

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier. 
#5 How to avoid cultural faux-pas
11. 6. 2020/by Misa

How to find Czech friends

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier.
#4 How to find Czech friends
3. 6. 2020/by Misa

Where to find important information

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier. 
#3 Where to find important information
27. 5. 2020/by Misa

We are gradually restarting the normal operation of our services

It looks like the situation with the coronavirus is starting to quiet down, so our services are going to gradually get back on track. How? Have a look at the preliminary timeline of restoring the normal operation. It is divided according to the services we provide. 
5. 5. 2020/by Misa


The current situation is difficult for all parents and teachers of school kids, let alone those whose children have a mother tongue other than Czech. Are you one of these? There are many non-profit organizations which can help you! Have a look at their list.
21. 4. 2020/by Misa

Employee rights, nursing allowance, welfare benefits

A large part of the Czech population has been affected by the coronavirus situation from a social aspect. Given the changing government measures, the economic loss of businesses and tradesmen, and the general social insecurity, it's no wonder you have a lot of questions on your minds. Our social workers answered the most common ones for you.
8. 4. 2020/by Misa

Czech Kindergartens and Elementary Schools

You have kids and are wondering how the education system in the Czech Republic works? We’ve prepared an article for you, explaining what you need to know about elementary schools and kindergartens.
3. 4. 2020/by Misa

State of emergency – Frequently asked questions

We know that the current situation may be very uncertain for many of our clients. Therefore, we prepared a list of your most frequently asked questions regarding the state of emergency  and asked our lawyers to answer them.
1. 4. 2020/by Misa

How can you be helpful?

Current situation regarding coronavirus is serious. However, it is a great opportunity to do a good turn and help someone who needs it. We prepared several tips for you on how to make life easier for people around you and to create a smile on their face ♥
20. 3. 2020/by Misa

Online consulting in ICP

We are here for you during the state of emergency, and starting from March 19, our workers will be providing you with cosulting  on legal and social matters over the phone or Skype.
18. 3. 2020/by Misa

Announcement regarding coronavirus situation

We would like to inform you that regarding recent situation concerning coronavirus, the operation of all ICP services is suspended until further notice and our branches are closed.
6. 3. 2020/by Misa

How to learn Czech

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier. 
#2 How to learn Czech
3. 3. 2020/by Misa

How to communicate with OAMP

We have prepared a series of tips for you, which will make your life in Czech easier. 
#1 How to communicate with OAMP
18. 2. 2020/by Misa

List of Crucial Deadlines

If you are a foreigner living in the Czech Republic, you have plenty of duties. One of them is meeting the established deadlines. We prepared a list of the 10 most important ones for you.
13. 2. 2020/by Misa

Intercultural Ball

Prague is a city for everyone - that's what we stand for. So why don't we meet at the ball and get to know each other better?
30. 1. 2020/by Misa

Registration for the Czech language courses for adults

9. 1. 2020/by Misa

Amendment to the act on the residence of foreign nationals

10. 12. 2019/by Misa

Registration for the Czech courses for children

28. 11. 2019/by Misa

Salad Bowl of Prague: Voices

25. 10. 2019/by Misa

Through communication to integration

Jak komunikovat s migranty a o migrantech? Jakou roli hraje v integračním procesu politická reprezentace? Co tradiční a #novámedia? Jak komunikují integrační témata kreativní agentury? A jaké jsou trendy v ostatních evropských městech?
13. 9. 2019/by devMartin

Integration of foreigners through the eyes of Praguers

Již druhým rokem realizujeme mezinárodní projekt INTEGRA, jehož hlavním posláním je vylepšit proces integrace cizinců z třetích zemí v pěti partnerských státech EU (Bulharsko, Chorvatsko, Česká republika, Itálie, Slovensko) pomocí sdílení zkušeností a znalostí na úrovni měst.
13. 9. 2019/by devMartin

We have been spending autumn at festivals

Podzim je pro nás již tradičně obdobím kulturních festivalů, které jsou pro ICP skvělou příležitostí, jak o sobě dát vědět široké veřejnosti a blíže se s Vámi seznámit.
13. 9. 2019/by devMartin