How to be a good neighbour?

7 rules worth following

Whether you live in a family house, an apartment or dormitory, there are rules you should know and follow. Thanks to this, you will maintain good relations with your neighbours, prevent various problems and avoid the unpleasant atmosphere in the elevator or during an accidental meeting on the street. Maybe you will need to borrow some tools or ingredients to prepare dinner, someone to babysit your child or to receive a package when you are not home – for such cases it is suitable when your neighbours love you. So what can you do about it? Take a look at our tips :-)

Respect the night hours

In the Czech Republic, the night hours are set from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. During this time, you should not play loud music, use loud appliances, carry out construction work or any other noisy activities that could disturb your neighbours. If you are expecting an evening visit that could last until the morning hours or you are planning a reconstruction, you should inform your neighbours so that there are no unnecessary disagreements.

Follow house rules

Each apartment building has its own house rules that all residents of the house should follow. These rules apply, for example, to the locking of main doors, fire instructions or the cleaning of common areas. The house rules are usually available on the house notice board or at the building administrator.

Greet your neighbours

We have told you this many times and it is here again – Czechs like to greet and to be greeted. If they are not greeted by someone they know, they consider it disrespectful. If you meet your neighbor – whether it’s on the street, on the house stairs or in the elevator – always greet him/her clearly and ideally add a little smile too :-).

Recycle trash

In addition to the classic black dustbins, you have certainly noticed coloured containers around your house. These are used for waste that can be further recycled – plastics, paper, glass, cans, beverage cartons, etc. Thanks to waste sorting, you will help the environment and also free up space in the black dustbins that will not be overfilled and will not have to be emptied that often. We have written a separate article on waste sorting, which you can find HERE.

Clean up after your dog

Each of us has ever stepped into dog excrement. It’s not pleasant, is it? In addition, the smelly brown piles in front of the house do not look very attractive. If you have a dog, try to think about it and always pick up his poop in a bag and throw it in the nearest trash bin. On the streets you will often come across special stands with freely available bags for this purpose.

Go to house meetings

House meetings are intended for apartment owners. They are a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and actively participate in deciding on the future of the house in which your apartment is located. Meetings concern issues such as energy billing, repairs, use of common areas, etc. House meetings are usually organized by the house administrator several times a year and you can find out about them on the notice board or other visible place in the house.

Care about what’s happening in your neighbourhood

You should be familiar with the city district you live in and follow local news. City magazines that you regularly receive  in your post box are a great tool for this. In these magazines you can find information about upcoming cultural events, planned (re)constructions or repairs of roads and related public transport exclusions. By reading them you will keep yourself informed and you will also have great topics for conversation with your neighbours :-) We have written more information about following local events in another article that you can find HERE.