Consulting Services

Consulting experts help you find a solution for various situations in your life that you don’t know how to deal with, or when you only need to check that you are proceeding in the correct manner (examples below). Our quality consulting services are based on our long-term experience. We endeavour to tailor our services as much as possible to your needs. All the services are free of charge! Do not hesitate to contact us:

+420 252 543 846

How does it work?

The best way to make an appointment is by phone. You can call any of our branches or our intercultural workers (if you can’t speak Czech or English).

  • We will briefly go over your specific situation with you and make an appointment for a consultation with a corresponding professional – a lawyer or a social worker.
  • The consultation is about an hour long. If needed, we can make an appointment for a follow-up consultation.
  • We only provide consulting services personally.
  • Remember to bring your identification document with you to the consultation (passport, residence permit).
  • If you can’t speak Czech very well, we can arrange interpreting services for free.

What does legal consulting usually concern?

  • Extension of stay, changes in the purpose of stay, application for a residence permit and appeal
  • Family reunion
  • Application for citizenship
  • Checking documents and assistance with understanding official documents, mostly from the Czech Ministry of the Interior
  • Basic consultations regarding contracts (lease contracts, employment contracts, etc.)
  • We also provide basic consulting services in the following areas: marriages and divorces, help in case of discrimination, verification of documents, etc.

What does social consulting usually concern?

  • Looking for preschools, elementary and high schools, and communicating with them
  • Recognition of foreign education
  • Seeking physicians, information about health insurance
  • Consultancy regarding marriage, births, deaths
  • Assistance when looking for housing
  • Assistance when looking for work and filling in forms and CVs
  • Possibility of accompaniment to authorities and professional help when communicating with authorities
  • Basic consultancy regarding pensions and social benefits

Poslání registrované sociální služby

Posláním registrované sociální služby je prostřednictvím odborného sociálního poradenství poskytovat klientům užitečné informace a pomáhat řešit záležitosti spojené s procesem integrace, a to od počáteční orientace v novém prostředí a zvládání jazykových bariér přes řešení tíživých životních situací až po jejich plnohodnotné začlenění do společnosti.

Odborné sociální poradenství Integračního centra Praha je registrovanou sociální službou, která je poskytována v souladu se zák. č. 108/2006 Sb.

What not to expect from us?

  • We do not provide consultations over the phone and by e-mail
  • We do not provide court representation
  • We do not provide consultancy in commercial matters (purchase of real estate, car, establishing a limited liability company, etc.)
  • We do not provide tax consultancy