Give a good deed for Christmas

Tips for charity gifts

Christmas is a period of peace and love surrounded by family or good friends. How about skipping bulk shopping this year and rather prefer to give something that makes sense and can help someone who needs it? Know that doing a good deed on behalf of your loved ones is more at heart than socks, the world, or a book.

Among our tips for charitable gifts, you will also find online options that are suitable for all Santa Claus-latecomers :-)

1. A Real gift from People in Need

Help people in need at home and abroad:

2. Socks with the story

Support grandmothers and activities for seniors in the cultural and educational center Elpida:

3. Good Feeling Certificate from the Srdcerváči portal

Contribute to the support of employment of people with disabilities:

4. Santa’s grandchildren

make seniors in homes for the elderly happy:

5. “Nocleženka”

Help homeless people survive the winter:

6. Gifts for life from Unicef

Donate humanitarian aids that save children’s lives:

7. Adopt an animal from a distance

Find more information in our article Lets help animals.

8. Buy a gift at one of the e-shops of Czech foundations

Check for example these websites:,,,

We wish you a peaceful Christmas time :-)

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