Eco-friendly living in Prague

Online workshop & Useful links

Do you want to become a more eco-friendly Prauger? Then the tips from our volunteer Aleksandra are exactly what you need! In this article you can find the recording of our online workshop called Eco-friendly living in Prague together with all the links connected to this topic that might interest you.

Aleksandra comes from Poland and is a “low impact” enthusiast deeply interested in finding and sharing useful sustainable practices. Having successfully finished her university degree in Social work, she is currently involved in an ESC project in Germany dedicated to education about sustainability, fair trade, human rights, democratic values and intercultural exchange. She writes a blog about mental health, books, culture and more:



Recycling system in Prague 

Zero-waste shops (ENG) (CZ) – map of zero-waste shops – chain of zero waste shops in Prague (CZ) – zero waste shop (CZ) – zero waste shop (CZ) – info about zero-waste, links, inspiration – chain of shops (bio, organic, zero-waste, food, hygienic products, etc.)

Food (CZ/ENG) – map of community gardens, composters and other places (CZ/ENG)- initiative supporting composting and urban gardening , (CZ) – possibility to order boxes of greens and vegetables from local farmers (CZ/ENG)- food waste

Farmers markets (CZ) – coffee cups and boxes to borrow and return – reusable food boxes to borrow and return 

Hygienic products

Zero waste shops (see above)

Menstruation (menstrual cups, period panties..) (ENG) – period panties (ENG) – reusable cloth peds, nappies for children


SWAPs (for example – (ENG), public swaps – search FB)

Second hand and charity shops: (ENG) (ENG) (CZ)

Slow/sustainable fashion (for example

Re-sell ( (ENG) – flea markets, (CZ), various FB groups (also in English)

Repair/Borrow/upcycle (ENG)- re-use centre, workshops (CZ/ENG) – library of things at Kampus Hybernská (CZ) – repair shop (ENG) – Institute of circular economy

Circular workshop at Kampus Hybernská (, circular workshops at the municipal library (, etc.

Zero-waste festivals Zero waste festival Prague

Slou days festival

Social media and websites


Sustainably Vegan

Kristen Leo 

Heal Your Living 

Our changing climate and Climate Adam (for more informative videos) 

Gittemary Johansen 

My Green Closet

Pick up limes, and Peaceful cuisine (vegan recipes)

Leena Norms 

Home composting: 

Instagram and FB

  • Nebaleno
  • Bezobalu
  • Country life
  • Zero waste international
  • Otoč kelímek, etc. 

ICP article on Living ecologically