Mobile application Praguer

All you need to know about life in Prague

We have launched an updated version of the PRAGUER app, which has been helping you to access important information and contacts and to orient yourself better in the Czech environment for three years now.

What is the application for?

Lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles to integration. We therefore decided to create an application for foreigners living in the capital that will provide them with practical information and contacts to organizations and institutions, help them solve problems and answer questions related to life in the new country.

What’s new in the app?

Besides the new red and white design, the app now comes in three more language versions. In addition to Czech, English, Russian and Vietnamese speakers, it can now be conveniently used by foreigners whose mother tongue is Ukrainian, Chinese or Arabic. Praguer now offers click-through links in the text and an interactive map with the option of filtering by topic, which will direct you to the desired destination. Of course, users will still find there information on important aspects of life in the Czech Republic divided into clear categories (eg residence, employment, education, health care, etc.) and the necessary contacts to state institutions and non-profit organizations offering free assistance.

What does its coordinator say about the new version of the application?

“We saw untapped potential in the Praguer app we created in 2017. We therefore decided to create version 2.0, which will be more intuitive, modern and visually attractive. And because we believe that integration is a two-sided process, in addition to technological improvements, we have added a new category “You can help too”, which presents volunteering opportunities for foreigners,” says project coordinator Michaela Neuhöferová.

The application is free to download in the App Store and Google Play.

More information about the application can be found at