Living in Prague

Why Follow the Current Affairs at the Place You Live?

It is always a good idea for every Praguer to know which municipal district he or she lives in and  take interest in the local events.  How well do you know your neighborhood? 

This article will provide you with basic information on what the municipal parts are and how they can be of use to you when living in Prague. 

What is a Municipal Part?

Prague is divided into 57 self-governing districts or “municipal parts”. Every person in Prague belongs to one of these municipal parts according to the place they live in. 

Each municipality’s important task is to create the best possible life conditions for its residents. To that end, they strive to make their residents feel safe and live in a clean and pleasant environment   with a good infrastructure, and to give them a chance for high-quality education, as well as cultural and sports entertainment. 

However, for you to take advantage of all the possibilities your district is offering, it’s important to take interest in the local affairs. 

How Can I Learn What is Going on in My Neighbourhood?

The municipal authorities (the District City Hall) try to inform the residents of the local news using various tools. You must have noticed that you regularly get a magazine in your mailbox, and its name is somehow connected to the place you live in. This magazine is one of the places where you can find information on planned exhibitions, restorations of nearby parks, road closures, along with invitations to cultural events and conversations with local personalities, and  rental and job ads. Moreover, by reading these magazines you can also practice your Czech. 

Some municipal authorities are also active in the social networks – just “like” them and you’ll be up to speed with the news!

District Authorities – What Can They Help You with?

Every municipality has an authority performing state administration in the given locality. Why should you be informed of what problems the municipal authority addresses?  Different department employees can assist you with resolving various situations related to your life in Prague. It could be about a trade license or a parking card, about the communal waste management fee, or information on a school or a kindergarten for your child,  about registering your marriage or the birth of your child. You can also apply for Czech citizenship at your District City Hall and after you get it, this is where you’ll get your ID and passport. 

You can find the list of all district authorities (City Halls) HERE.

Need to arrange something at the District City Hall, but don’t speak Czech that well just yet? Contact our intercultural workers – they can accompany you and interpret into your native language.