How can you be helpful?

Tips for good turns during the coronavirus epidemic

Current situation regarding coronavirus is serious. However, it is a great opportunity to do a good turn and help someone who needs it. We prepared several tips for you on how to make life easier for people around you and to create a smile on their face ♥


Call your family and friends and ask if they need help with shopping, walking a dog, watching kids, … or if they simply need cheering up :-)


You can also offer help to your neighbours –  for example by leaving a note with an offer of your help and your contact information on the front door. 


Start sewing protective face masks – there is still a huge lack of them all around the country and the internet is full of instruction videos where you can get inspiration for sewing.

If you are in Prague and want to have your masks distributed to places in need, write to or bring the masks to the Red cross stand at Mariánské náměstí.

If you are in a different part of Czechia, you can register as a mask-maker HERE.


Register as volunteers within one of the newly created volunteering platforms:
Chci pohlídat
Aplikace Seniore

Most of them are currently in Czech but consider expanding to other languages.

You can also check out your municipal website or Facebook pages for information about opportunities of involvement – for example Dobro v době korony – Brno a JmK or Dobro v době korony – Praha a SČ kraj.

So let’s do some good! :-)