Bring meaning to your free time

A list of volunteering activities you can participate in

Would you like to experience something new, other than constant studies, work, and Netflix? Do you wish to devote your time to meaningful activities? Then what you’re looking for just might be volunteering. And was there ever a better time to start volunteering than now, amidst a pandemic, when volunteers are in such high demand?

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an organized activity that is beneficial to society and for which the volunteer doesn’t receive financial compensation. These activities can be, for example, tutoring kids, delivering groceries to the elderly, cleaning forests, or others. 

Why participate in volunteering?

If you decide to participate in any volunteering activities, your reward will not only be that warm fuzzy feeling of helping others in your spare time, but you’ll also gain valuable new experience and meet new people. If you haven’t mastered the Czech language yet, volunteering may be a great way to brush up on your language skill. 

So, what do you say – care to try volunteering? :-) We believe that you’ll find the right volunteering activity for you in the list below.

COVID-19 related volunteering activities

Overview of hospitals needing volunteers:

Neighbor help platforms:

Other volunteering opportunities

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Have a lovely day, take care of yourself and remember to celebrate International Volunteer Day on the 5th of December :-)

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