Waste sorting

Do you know how to dispose your garbage properly?

Do you know what to do with an empty milk carton, a yogurt lid or a toothpaste tube? In the Czech Republic, it is common to sort waste. The unsorted waste ends up in landfills, thus preventing its further use and unnecessarily polluting the planet. Here are some tips on what you can do with it! 

Here are a few basics of waste sorting: plastic belongs to yellow containers, paper to blue ones, white glass to white and colored glass to green. In your area you can also find a container for beverage cartons, metal waste and electronic waste. We highly recommend paying attention to the markings on the packaging, which will tell you where it should be thrown. An overview of waste codes and the instructions on the waste sorting can be found HERE.

 The objects that are to be sorted are further processed. Processed plastic waste can be used in construction or as a fuel in heating or cement plants, new paper or fuel can be created from sorted paper, new glass from glass, etc.

It is suitable to use compost or a brown container for biowaste. Biowaste can decompose on its own but it is usually wrapped into a plastic bag that prevents it from decomposing. In addition, it takes up extra space in the mixed waste container.

More information about waste sorting is available, for example, on the website http://www.trideniodpadu.cz.This website is in Czech only. If you are interested, you can contact our intercultural workers, who can provide you with the basic information in your language.

Do you have a feeling that by carefully sorting waste you do your best for the environment? Not really. Waste sorting is just the top of the iceberg. It is necessary to focus on the core of the problem, which is a waste PRODUCTION. But we’ll talk about that again next time ☺.