Regional Advisory Platform and cooperation with institutions

Regional Advisory Platform for the integration of foreigners

The Integration Centre Prague creates a unique space where stakeholders in the field of the integration of foreigners in the capital city of Prague meet. The aim of the platform is to share experience, to present interesting projects and professional research, and to network.

The member of the Regional Advisory Platform participated in the preparation of the first conception of the capital city of Prague for integration of foreigners (2014-2017), its update valid for the period from 2018-2021, 2022-2027 and the related Action Plans.

Who can participate in the Platform?

Anyone who is interested in the issue of integration and who wants to participate in the events in this area. Regular participants include representatives of the Prague City Council, of individual city districts, NGOs, migrant associations, state institutions, schools and educational facilities, and international organisations.

When and where does the Platform take place?

Next meeting:
4. 4. 2023 | 13:00 – 16:00 | Sál architektů Staroměstské radnice, Staroměstská 1.

For more information, contact Anca Covrigova:

The minutes of all the meetings and the final version of the Prague conception, including the action plans, can be downloaded here.

Cooperation with the Municipal Districts

How does cooperation with the Municipal Districts work?

We mostly cooperate with the local governments of the Municipal Districts (mayors, councilors, representatives), their employees or other institutions (libraries, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations).

The cooperation with the Municipal Districts is handled by the Networking Specialist with the Municipal District Authority, who connects all integration participants at the same time, passes on know-how and examples of good practice, monitors the situation in Prague and creates strategic materials for the community of experts.

Municipal District authority networking specialist:
Kateřina Bucher Jará –

Cooperation with non-profit organizations

How does cooperation with the non-profit organizations work?

We collaborate and network not only with organizations already established in the field of integration, but also with NGOs that are new in working with migrants. The aim is to transfer know-how in the field of integration and working with migrants, to provide methodological support and to promote intercultural openness in the non-profit sector.

This agenda is the responsibility of a networking specialist, who monitors, reaches out to and involves new actors in existing support networks (e.g. platforms for integration of foreigners). The person also provides support in designing activities and services of NGOs for foreigners, shares relevant information, e.g. on suitable grant funding sources, and shares contacts to other relevant actors (other NGOs, local government bodies, state institutions, etc.).  

NGO networking specialist:
Justyna Janowska –