Municipal library of prague

A place not only for learning

Have you been to the Municipal Library of Prague before? It has 44 branches throughout Prague and you’ll find a wide range of services and activities – from lending books and magazines, organizing seminars and workshops, to public events and more. Thanks to its’ quiet environment, the library is also a great place for studying or rest. Moreover, most services are completely free of charge.

So what does the Municipal library actually offer? That depends on whether you’re a registered member or not. Check out the overview down below.

A. Visiting without a library card

Services available to unregistered visitors:

B. Visiting with a library card

Services available to registered visitors:

  • All services found under the “Visiting without a library card” are still available
  • Lending books, magazines, music CDs, language textbooks, music sheets, all of which you can take home with you
  • Booking a PC with an internet connection for one hour per day
  • The option of playing a “silent piano” for playing music directly into a headset at the Central Library
  • The option of using creative centers services:
    • Jezerka Studio – sewing machines rental
      • Do you need to alter your dress? Would you like to learn sewing? You’ll find tailoring equipment and experienced consultants in the Studio! 
      • You’ll find the Studio at the Jezerka branch
    • DOK 16 – Neighborly workshop at the Smíchov waterfront
      • You can use hand and power tools
      • Workshops and courses on working with paper and wood
      • Seminars aimed (not only) on crafts and sustainable lifestyle
      • Saturday family activities, community events, swaps, and more
      • More information HERE.
    • Suterén – creative workspace
      • Shared space where you can work on your projects or learn something new
      • You can use photo and video editing software, printing, lamination and mechanical binding equipment, 3D print
      • Workshops: bookbinding, caligraphy and lettering, 3D print modelling
      • More information HERE.

How to register?

Registration is possible at any of the library branches. The annual fee is 80 CZK (free for members under 15 and over 70 years). The library card can then be used at any of the library branches.

EU citizens need a valid identification document issued by an EU country to register. Third-country nationals need a Czech residence permit. If they don’t have such a permit, they may either pay a deposit of 1000 CZK or register with a guarantor.

If you don’t speak Czech, you may use the free of charge services of intercultural workers. They can help you understand the library activities, help you with registration and deal with other necessary steps. You can contact the ICP intercultural workers directly, you’ll find their list HERE. A complete list of intercultural workers from all Prague NGOs can be found at the Prague For All website.

Contact information: