Integration of foreigners through the eyes of Praguers

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For the second year now, we have been implementing the INTEGRA international project, whose main mission is to improve the process of integrating third-country nationals in five EU partner countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia) by sharing experience and knowledge.

One of the main outcomes is the development of an international network of methodologies and tools to involve third-country nationals in local-level initiatives. One such tool is PhotoVoice, an innovative research method whereby people can comment on a topic, or share their experience with a topic, through photographs. It is not about the quality of the photos, but about the authenticity of the message. Anyone can contribute. 

Using this method, the audio-visual bilingual (Czech, English) exhibition „Integration of foreigners through the eyes of Prague citizens“, was created. It has been open for viewing at our central branch in Žitná 51 since April 2019. Recently we have also launched the special bilingual (Czech, English) website gathering audio-visual records of selected participants. 

We strongly believe that our initiative can contribute to breaking down stereotypes in society, whilst serving as an inspiration for other migrants who are undergoing the integration process.