Prague Children and Youth Centers (DDM)

A wide variety of leisure time activities at affordable prices

Prague DDMs, i.e. Children and Youth Centers, are places that offer a wide variety of art, sports, nature, sciences, technology, and other leisure time activities NOT ONLY for children and youth. DDMs are centers of fun and education, where people of all ages can explore their interests and develop their talents, and thus meaningfully spend their free time. Let’s have a closer look!

What activities do the DDMs offer?

  • Clubs

    • Regular activities, which are usually organized once a week and cover various topics – sports, theater, music, dance, nature, technology, science, or foreign languages. Prior registration and participation fee payment is required (paid for one semester or one academic year).
  • Camps

    • Multi-day stays for children and youth with various themes and rich content. Overnight camps include accommodation, but participants of suburban camps stay at their homes overnight and return to the camp daily to attend the activities. 
  • Public events

    • Themed programs, trips, festivals, exhibitions, theater plays, concerts, creative and other workshops, film screenings, seminars, and more. 
  • Competitions

    • Sports, arts, knowledge, and other competitions.
  • Public clubs 

    • Public clubs offer FREE opportunities for children and youth to spend their leisure time, meet with friends, play, find out various information, or receive help when dealing with difficult life situations.  
  • DDMs also offer the option to rent a place for use.

You’ll find detailed information on the activities schedule, prices, and registration on each of the DDM’s websites – click the green button below.

Where to find DDMs?

There are 15 DDM branches in Prague. They are spread throughout Prague – regardless of where you live, you’ll surely find one of Prague DDMs in your area.

Prague DDM overview  –

Don’t speak Czech?

Currently, most information about DDM is in the Czech language only. However, DDMs will be happy to welcome foreign newcomers and participants. If you don’t speak Czech, you may use the free of charge assistance services of intercultural workers. They’ll be happy to accompany you to a DDM, help you understand the currently offered activities, help you with registration and deal with other necessary steps. You will find the list of intercultural workers and their contact information HERE