Information on client personal data processing

Dear Madam/Sir,

with the new regulation of the European parliament and EU Commission no. 2016/679 (general data protection regulation – GDPR)  coming into force, we would like to inform you on the facts of your interest that arise in relation to  you and protection of your personal data.

Integrační centrum Praha, o.p.s., IČ: 242 28 320, address Žitná 1574/51, 110 00, Praha 1, registered in the register of public benefit companies administered by the Municipal court in Prague unit O, inset 885 (further “ICP”) processes personal data of current and former (who do not receive any ICP services any longer) clients out of other legal reasons, mainly to fulfil its legal obligation and to protect the legitimate interest of ICP.

Your personal data are after 25.5.2018 processed in accordance with the GDPR and the law no. 101/2000Sb., on personal data protection, in force, in order to fulfil legal obligation, to protect the legitimate interest of ICP, which includes protection of its property, proof of invested public financial resources and the fulfilment of contractual obligation of providing you with free integration services.

ICP processes your personal data for the following purposes namely:

  1. client identification, needed to close and fulfil the contract agreement to receive ICP services and possibility to assess the legitimacy of receiving these services,
  2. possibility of contacting the client by the ICP while providing him/her with ICP services,
  3. control of invested public financial resources based on grants and contribution,
  4. informing the client and the public about ICP services and activities,
  5. sorting clients into Czech language learning groups for easier learning process,
  6. proof of fulfilling the EU Asylum, migration and integration fund (AMIF) program grant conditions,
  7. mapping of client family connections, in case several members of the family are ICP clients.

To whom do we pass your data on?

The administrator of your personal data is ICP. ICP workers have access only to the data they need for performing their work and are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality. You can turn to ICP by email ( in case you have any questions about the administration and processing of your personal data.

ICP can share your data based on a legal obligation or contract commitment with grant and contribution providers (e.g. Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, Prague City Council, European Commission), control bodies (e.g. Financial office, the Ministry of Finance, the Supreme audit office, the Office for personal data protection, European Court of Auditors), other public authorities (e.g. Police of the Czech Republic, courts), external auditor, accountant, providers and administrators of information systems and administrators of databases. ICP does not sell your personal data. ICP does not pass on your personal data to third parties except the abovementioned.

What categories of data we process about you?

  1. Address and identification information that serve to your clear and unmistakable identification (name, surname, sex, date of birth, citizenship, residence status in the Czech republic, type and number of your ID)
  2. Contacts (contact address in the Czech republic, phone number, e-mail address)
  3. Other information for the purpose of providing you with integration services (language, level of knowledge of Czech language, names and surnames of your family members who are ICP clients)
  4. Information on the progress of offered integration services
  5. Regular photographs or portraits, photographs made for the purpose of documenting ICP activities and events.

ICP must process all these data in order to be allowed to provide you with free integration services.

ICP can further process other personal data only with you consent:

  1. Regular photographs or portraits, photographs made for the purpose of informing the public on ICP activities and events
  2. e-mail and phone number to inform you on ICP activities and events

The data under f) and g) headings can be processed with your consent only, which you can take back at any time in written using the forms available at ICP central and branch offices or by email at In this case ICP will be no longer allowed to send you information on ICP activities.

For how long do we process your data?

Your personal data are processed by ICP for the period of time absolutely necessary to fulfil the rights and the duties resulting from the obligation relationship and the relevant legal regulations, even after you stop receiving ICP services, which should be no longer though than 10 years from the 1st of January of the year after the project ends or for the period defined by legal regulations and other data while still receiving ICP services, or the period for which the consent with personal data processing is valid.

Processing conditions, information on data processing and client rights

Processing of personal data is further adjusted by internal ICP regulations, mainly the Guidelines on manipulation with personal data, Ethical codex, Archiving and shredding code in such a way, so that to ensure the protection of your personal data from abuse, loss or destruction.

You must provide ICP with true and complete contact and identification data, and other information necessary for providing integration services. Provision of these data is necessary for ICP activity and offering of integration services; without them it is not possible for you to receive these services.

Upon written request ICP is compelled to offer you once a year for free information on whether ICP processes your personal data, which data and to what extent and you have the right to access these personal data, as well as to receive a copy of these data. Otherwise you can obtain the data upon reasonable compensation.

If you consider, that ICP or any of his processors or other personal data receiver mentioned earlier are processing your personal data in contradiction with legal regulations and the principles of personal data protection regulation, mainly if your personal data are not accurate, you can:

  1. ask ICP, its processors or other recipient for explanation
  2. ask ICP to remove the state of facts
  3. ask for correction of your personal data
  4. in case your personal data are used for marketing and information purposes, you can object against the processing of your personal data
  5. ask for a processing limitation based on legal reasons
  6. turn with an incentive to investigate to the Office for protection of personal data.

You are also entitled to portability of your personal data and to erasure of your personal data in accordance to the valid legal regulations.

In order to apply these rights you can turn in written to ICP central and branch offices workers, or by email to

You have the right to receive an ICP answer to your request with no pointless delay and no later than 1 month. In legitimate cases, ICP can lengthen the deadline by 2 other months, which ICP must inform you upon. You may use your right for request once a year for free or any other time upon reasonable compensation.