Advent and baking

When and how to bake Czech Christmas cookies?

The period of Advent began, when Czechs heat their ovens to start baking Christmas cookies, which will please the taste buds, and its preparation makes your whole apartment smell beautifully. But it’s not that easy – baking has its own schedule and the skillful ones are able to have over 10 types on the Christmas table! Try baking Czech Christmas cookies this year. We have prepared a small guide for you.

First week of Advent (28. 11. – 4. 12.)

We start with cookies, which must soften by Christmas. It is best to store them it in a paper box in a cool place (hallway, pantry or balcony).

  • Gingerbread:

With honey:

(Glutenfree version:

With rum:

  • “Pracny”:

Second week of Advent (5. – 11. 12.)

Vanilla time has come! Bake vanilla rolls and/or Linzer cookies. You can fill it with your favorite jam right away or the next week.

  • Vanilla rolls:

(Vegan version:

  • Linzer cookies:

(Glutenfree version:

Third week of Advent (12. – 18. 12.)

Zdobíme! Připravte si polevu k ozdobení perníčků a marmeládu ke slepení lineckého, které jste upekli minulý týden. Tento týden můžete doplnit zásoby cukroví o druhy plněné krémem.

Decorating time! Prepare the frosting to decorate the gingerbread and some jam to decorate the Linzer cookies which you baked last week. This week, you can add some cream-filled types to your cookies supply.

  • White frosting for gingerbread:

  • Isel cakes: 

(Vegan version:

  • Walnuts:


Fourth week of Advent (19. – 24. 12.)

Těsně před Vánocemi připravujeme nepečené druhy cukroví, které nepotřebují čas na změknutí a stačí jim pouze několik hodin uležení v chladu. Pokud jste v předvánočním shonu nenašli čas na pečení, tyto druhy vás zachrání :-).

Just before Christmas, we prepare unbaked types of cookies that do not need time to soften and only a few hours in the cold place are enough for them. If you did not find time for baking in the pre-Christmas bustle, these types will save you :-).

  • Vasp nests:


  • Coconut balls:

  • Coffee beans:

(Vegan version:

A few tips for you: 

  • If you are not vegan, always use butter, not vegetable fat (Hera).
  • You can buy gluten-free mixes for selected types of Christmas cookies here:
  • Buy some quality vanilla sugar or ground vanilla, or put a teaspoon of vanilla extract in the dough.
  • It is usually recommended to let the dough rest in the fridge before baking for at least a few hours, preferably overnight.
  • Christmas markets are closed, but you can buy cookie cutters in a home goods store – such as Tescoma or Orion.
  • Store the candy in a cool place. Refrigerator is not an ideal place though because it is dry. The best place is a pantry, a cool hallway or a balcony. Just watch out for your neighbours who have a sweet tooth! :-)