Pregnancy and childbirth in the Czech Republic

What to watch out for?

If the Czech Republic has become your new home and you’d like to give birth and raise a child here, then you should get to know the important information that we’ve prepared for you in this article.

Health insurance

Make sure to have health insurance at all times. We’ll explain under what conditions will medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth be covered down below.

  • Public health insurance

If you’ve got public health insurance, all pregnancy and childbirth medical expenses will be covered. However, this rule only applies to the health condition of the mother. You’ll find details about the newborn’s health insurance in the “What to do after birth” section.

  • Complex commercial insurance

    Whether the aforementioned medical expenses will be covered by your complex commercial insurance depends on the type of the insurance and meeting set conditions.

A. – standard type – In the case of the standard type of complex commercial insurance, your pregnancy and childbirth expenses will only be covered after passing a so-called Waiting period. For pregnancy, the waiting period is 3 months (medical expenses will only be covered if at least 3 months have passed from the beginning of the health insurance contract to the date of conceiving). For childbirth, the waiting period is 8 months (medical expenses for childbirth will only be covered if at least 8 months have passed from the beginning of the health insurance contract to the date of the childbirth).

B. – special pregnancy package – If you opt for commercial medical insurance including a pregnancy package, you won’t have to abide by any waiting period and the insurance company will cover all costs related to pregnancy and childbirth. However, the price of this type of complex commercial insurance is higher.

If you don’t have any health insurance or your contracted health insurance type does not cover these expenses, you’ll have to pay the medical expenses yourself. The prices range from tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns.

If you’d like to learn more about health insurance in the Czech Republic (e.g. what type of health insurance are you eligible for, which insurance company to choose etc.), we’d recommend reading our article about health insurance.

What to make sure of before childbirth?

  1. Visit your OB-GYN for regular check-ups. If you don’t have one, we’d recommend checking the website, where you can search for doctors based on area, reviews, contracted insurance companies, and even based on whether they accept new patients. You can also find doctors who speak foreign languages and who can help you without the assistance of an interpreter there. For interpreting, you may also use the services of our intercultural workers.
  2. Register into a maternity hospital ahead of time, because their capacity is limited. Most maternity hospitals require registration in the 14 + 0 weeks of pregnancy. You may choose any maternity hospital regardless of your place of residence. Some even offer the option of online registration (e.g. ÚPMD Podolí, Apolinář, Thomayerova nemocnice or Nemocnice na Bulovce)
  3. If you and your partner aren’t married and you wish for your partner to be listed in the child’s birth certificate as a father, visit any registry office before childbirth to  declare paternity.
  4. Before childbirth, choose and talk to your pediatrician, so that you may register your child with them immediately after birth.
  5. When it’s time to go to the maternity hospital, take your pregnancy card and test results from your check-up in the 36th week of pregnancy with you.
  6. Don’t forget that during pregnancy, you’re entitled to some special rights, such as:
    • Your employer cannot terminate your employment
    • You may attend OB-GYN check-ups during your working hours
    • You may only be sent on business trips with your consent
    • You cannot work overtime
    • If your job position is unfit for pregnant women, your employer must transfer you to a different position
    • In general, pregnant women in the workplace are treated in a way that further ensures their safety and protects their health

What to do after birth?

  • Get health insurance for your newborn immediately after birth (by no later than 8 days). As a parent, if you’re a holder of permanent residency, international protection, you’re a citizen of the EU working or running a business in the Czech Republic, or you’re an applicant for international protection, then your child is automatically entitled to public health insurance.Starting the 2nd of August 2021, a newborn of long-term residence holders is also entitled to public health insurance, but only for a limited period. This period is from the day of their birth until the end of the month in which they have reached an age of 60 days. The insurance fee for a newborn is paid by their legal guardian (most commonly parents). In this case, childbirth has to be reported to the insurance company with which the child’s mother is insured. If the child’s mother is not entitled to public health insurance in the Czech Republic, then the childbirth has to be reported to the insurance company of the child’s father. If even the father is not entitled to public health insurance, then the childbirth has to be reported to VZP ČR insurance company. For details, please see the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
  • Register your newborn with the chosen pediatrician. They’ll set up an appointment for the first check-up and vaccination with you.
  • Pick up the child’s birth certificate from the registry office within 14 days
  • Have the birth certificate translated by a certified interpreter, so that the embassy of your country of origin may issue a passport for the newborn or have the newborn listed in your passport.
  • Apply for the newborn’s residence permit at the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior within 60 days of the birth.

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