Maternity and Parenthood Support 

What kind of financial support can you claim?

There are two types of social security benefits in the Czech Republic related to maternity and parenthood: maternity benefit or maternity leave, and the parental allowance. In this article we will explain what the difference between these is and under what conditions can you claim these. 

1) Maternity benefit (peněžitá pomoc v mateřství/ PPM) 

Maternity benefit is a financial benefit provided before childbirth or straight after the baby is born. For the first 6 weeks after delivery it’s intended for the mother exclusively; later on, it can be received by the father provided he meets the requirements mentioned below. The amount of the benefit is calculated based on the person’s income, and the time period for the payment can be as follows:

  • Starting from 8-6 week before the due date, for the total amount of 28 weeks (37 weeks with twins).
  • Starting from the baby’s birth date, for the total amount of 22 weeks (31 week with twins). 
  • Starting from 6 weeks after the baby is born,  for the total amount of 22 weeks.

You can’t receive the maternity benefit for less than 14 weeks, and it can’t be ended earlier than 6 weeks after delivery. 

The sum of the benefit is calculated as 70% of the reduced daily assessment base per calendar day. The daily assessment base is usually calculated based on the income within the previous 12 months. For self-employed people, it’s calculated based on the monthly insurance premiums during the assessed period of time. 

The maximum amount of the benefit is 42 660 CZK per month. 

You can use this calculator to calculate the approximate amount: 

Conditions and Application Process:

The maternity benefit is a part of the sickness insurance. This type of insurance shouldn’t be confused with health insurance used to cover medical expenses. The sickness insurance is paid by the employer as part of the social insurance. Self-employed persons are entitled to maternity benefit only if they have been voluntarily paying the sickness insurance premiums for a specific amount of time. 

To apply for maternity benefit, you need to have active sickness insurance, and the insurance should be paid for at least 270 days within the last 2 years. In case of self-employed people, the insurance should be active for 180 days before receiving the benefit and it should be paid for at least 270 days within the last 2 years. The same applies to the father who would like to switch with his wife after the first six weeks. 

If you meet these conditions, stop by your gynaecologist’s office during your pregnancy, and s/he will issue the application form for you. You’d need to submit this form to your employer, and then it’ll be passed on to the relevant authorities. If you wish, or if you are self-employed, you can send the application form directly to the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA/ ČSSZ). The CSSA has a month to process your application.

Whilst you’re receiving the maternity benefit, you can’t work full-time. Part-time work is possible though. After the maternity leave, a woman is entitled to come back to her previous job position full-time. 

2) Paternity benefit

The father can claim a 14-day paternity benefit after the baby is born, so that he can care for the new-born. If the baby or the mother is hospitalized within the first 6 weeks after the delivery, the time spent at the hospital is added to the 14 days, but you’d need to have a doctor’s certificate. The condition for receiving paternity benefit is having sickness insurance, same as with the maternity benefit. The amount is equivalent to 70% of the reduced daily assessment base per calendar day.

The application is submitted to CSSA using the corresponding form. The father will hand in the form to the employer, who will pass it on to the CSSA at the end of the paternity leave. The sum will be paid out the following month. 

3) Parental Allowance

The parental allowance is a financial support for parents caring for children under the age of 4, and is always paid for the youngest child in the family. It can be received for the minimum period of 6 months and the maximum of 4 years depending on your average income within the last year before the child’s birth. 

Parental allowance is paid by the state regardless of previous employment or insurance. The total amount is 300 000 CZK in case of one child, and 450 000 CZK in case of twins. The payment is made monthly, with the monthly sum chosen by the parents (it can be changed every three months but can’t exceed the sum of the monthly maternity benefit payment).

Generally, the parental allowance comes after maternity benefit, but in case the parents weren’t eligible for maternity benefit, the parental allowance can be received right after the child is born. In this case the maximum monthly payment is 10 000 CZK for one child or 15 000 CZK for twins.

The parental allowance doesn’t entail any limitations with regards to employment, the person can be employed full-time. 

Conditions and Application Process:

In case of non-EU nationals, to claim the parental allowance you need to meet the following conditions: 

  • have a child younger than 4 years old
  • have a permanent address in the Czech Republic
  • hold one of the following types of residence: permanent residence/ asylum/ subsidiary protection/ long-term residence over 365 days/ long-term visa over 365 days
  • the child should either be born in the Czech Republic or have legal residence in CR for over 365 days

The parental allowance application is submitted to the local Labour Office either in person, by post or electronically. The application is submitted 60 days before the end of maternity benefit at earliest and 3 months after the baby is born at latest in case you didn’t receive maternity benefit. Along with the application form, you’d need to enclose residence permits of all the family members, the baby’s birth certificate, the rent agreement, the employment contract, the insurance card, the paediatrician’s certificate, the hospital stay forms and the standard EU benefits form. 

Do you need more information?

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