Things to know about using ICP services

As a nonprofit organization, ICP provides all of our services free of charge thanks to the funding we receive. 

Since most of our services are funded by the EU’s AMIF fund, we do however need every client receiving these services to register in the AMIF23_008/007 project. We wish we didn’t have to ask for your sensitive data, but without those we can’t fulfill the project requirements, and prove that the money we get from AMIF was indeed used to provide real services to real people.

You can register in the project either in person or online. 

If you meet with our employee in person, they will ask you to fill out a Client monitoring sheet. In case you’d like to check out what data we ask for in it, or how we handle the data, you can download a pdf here.

You don’t need to print it out though; we’ll provide you with a printed copy to complete. 

Or else you can choose to register online here:

We’re also required by AMIF to collect feedback from our clients and to inquire in which specific areas ICP was helpful to them. So don’t be surprised if you get our questionnaire, and we’ll really appreciate it if you can spare a minute to complete it.  

Please note that we also have other ongoing projects at ICP, such as the one funded by UNICEF, so if you use any services provided by UNICEF, you’d need to register in this project separately. 

We hope that this article explains the administrative formalities we are required to complete. We are glad that you trust us with your questions, and hope you’ll recommend our services to your colleagues and friends who need them. 


Projekt Integrační centrum Praha X, registrační číslo CZ.12.01.02/00/23_008/0000007, je spolufinancován Evropskou unií a z rozpočtu Ministerstva vnitra České republiky.