Winter tips

How to enjoy your free time in cold weather?

Christmas is over and spring is far away. It might seem that we are now doomed to boredom due to the weather and epidemiological measures, but that is not true! :-) Take a look at our winter tips.

1. Go out into nature

If you like sports, pull out cross-country skis, skates or snowshoes and get some sweat! :-) But a longer walk through the forest or park will definitely suffice. And if you have children, take a sled and enjoy some adrenaline with your family.

2. Educate yourself

Long winter evenings encourage you to pick up a book and absorb new information. It doesn’t matter if you read educational literature, books in a foreign language or fiction – everything will enrich you in a certain way and your eyes will rest from your computer, television and mobile phone.

3. Feed forest animals

When you take a trip to the forest, you will certainly come across a feeder for forest animals, into which you can throw something for them. But be careful, first check what you can give these animals so that you don’t hurt them. With local fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots or potatoes you won’t make a mistake.

4. Play board games

Who says it can’t be fun at home? Just unpack the board game and the program for the evening is taken care of. The most popular Czech board game is “Člověče nezlob se”. Have you played it yet? You can easily make the game at home (instructions can be found for example here: ​​and for those who do not know the rules, we found this video:

5. Build a snowman

Probably everyone who has ever seen snow in their lives knows this winter fun. Now we even have some snow in Prague, so why not use it? :-)

We wish you pleasant winter days! :-)

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