ICP Czech language course lecturers

Jitka Pourová

I’ve graduated from Czech studies at the Charles University Faculty of Arts. I love the Czech language and I love working with people, so that’s why I’ve decided to teach foreigners Czech – I’ve been doing it for a long time and I still enjoy it. Through the stories my students tell me, I get to know their countries, learn a lot of new and interesting things, and I’m virtually traveling the world. Those who’d like to study on their own at home can find a lot of study material on my website, Facebook, or YouTube. Apart from teaching, I also help other tutors, organize methodology seminars for them, and proofread Czech texts. I also enjoy going to the movies, theatres, exhibitions, going for trips and traveling.

Pavla Hofmanová

I’ve graduated from Teaching Czech as a foreign language at the Charles University Faculty of Arts. I’ve been teaching foreigners Czech since 2012, and I’ve started working with the ICP the same year. The thing I enjoy most about my job is that I meet people from various countries, learn who they are and what background do they come from. In return I teach them the Czech language and culture – this way, we all learn from each other, which is something that I value. Since 2020 I’ve been teaching online only and you can also meet me on social media (Čeština s Pavlou). In my free time, I like traveling and going out for trips, reading, or watching TV series. I’m also a lover of cats and sweets.

Kateřina Cegrí Fiérrez

I’ve graduated from Czech studies at the Palacký University Olomouc Faculty of Arts and I’ve been teaching Czech as a foreign language since 2013. I’ve taught courses of Czech to adults, youth, and even children. Teaching Czech lets me meet people from all over the world. After each lesson, I get this feeling that it’s not just me teaching them, but also them teaching me. Every day they show me just how much more I’ve got to experience in my life. I believe learning has to be fun and that’s why I keep searching for new activities that I can do with my students. Other than teaching, I also take part in creating study materials. For example, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to the creation of a Czech textbook for youth “Levou zadní I.” (https://ceskylevouzadni.cz/). I also love traveling, reading, going to the movies and theater, and I’m learning Spanish.

Renata Mirková

My name is Renata Mirková and I’ve been teaching foreigners Czech for about 5 years now. I’ve started during my stay in China, where I’ve been studying for a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese at Sichuan University. One of the reasons I’ve continued teaching Czech to Chinese speakers after my return to the Czech Republic is because I know Chinese, which is a big plus in the eyes of the Chinese community. I enjoy practicing tongue twisters in my classes to raise everyone’s mood. I also love traveling, photography, and learning languages.

Naďa La Mantia Magulová

I’ve graduated from Czech studies at the Charles University Faculty of Arts. I’ve been teaching Czech to foreigners for over ten years and I enjoy it more and more. I’m fascinated by how people of other nationalities view our language and I applaud their courage to learn Czech, which is not the easiest of languages. Most of all though, I love the moment when students realize they’ve got a grip of the language and start speaking with confidence. I also teach a bit of French, Italian and Russian. When I’m not teaching, I keep myself busy with my family, cook spaghetti for my Italian husband and young daughter, I also enjoy hiking (ideally in the mountains or in distant countries) and amateur theater.

Julie Sršňová

I’ve graduated with Czech and French from the Charles University Faculty of Education. I consider language learning to be one of my biggest hobbies, and I try to encourage my students to feel the same way. When I’ve started teaching Czech to foreigners in 2018, I’ve started looking at it through the lens of my students and my interest in it has further deepened. As for my hobbies, I like hiking across the Czech outdoors and my other great hobby is the Bulgarian language. The creativity, diversity, and unique vibe of the lessons, and the shared journey to understanding and mastering the language are what I like most about teaching Czech. I enjoy leading students to overcome obstacles and I often tell them that “Czech is not hard but it is a challenge”.

Zuzana Štrachová

I’ve graduated from Teaching Czech as a foreign language, and also German language and literature at the Charles University Faculty of Arts and I’ve been working in the Integration Center Prague since 2018. My lessons are online and I’m still learning more about online teaching so that my lessons are not only efficient but also fun for my students. I like creating my own study materials and coming up with some additional activities I could implement in my classes. I love the “eureka moments” in my class, but the moments when we can laugh together with my students are even better. My other hobbies include distance and winter swimming, and that’s why you can see me all year round in the Vltava river or on its shores, warming up by a fire.

Marwan Alsolaiman

My name is Marwan Alsolaiman and I’m from Syria. I came to the Czech Republic as a student. I’ve graduated from ČVUT Faculty of Civil Engineering, I’ve got state language exams in Czech and Arabic and I’ve also got a Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and didactic methods. I’m also a musician, I’ve established the first Arabian band in the Czech Republic with which I’m still playing – but I also play with Czech bands. I’m also a poet and I’ve published one poetry book in Czech so far. Since language rules and grammar aren’t cosmic laws, but rather an agreement of a number of people in a certain community, what I enjoy most about teaching languages (especially Czech) is that sometimes a student might say something grammatically incorrect which could very well become a new rule. In my lessons, students learn from me, but I also learn a lot from them. Every student is unique and everyone can teach something to others.

Ivana Štěpánková

I’ve graduated from the Charles University Faculty of Arts and initially, I was only teaching English. But later I got an offer to teach Czech to my English-speaking colleagues it was decided! I was thrilled by the possibility of rediscovering my native language from a foreigners’ viewpoint. Students in my in-person and online classes come from various countries and I’m happy to be in such a culturally diversified environment. My hobbies include traveling, yoga, outdoor sports (alpinism, cycling, skiing, etc.). I’m also a lover of good food and wine.

Michaela Šamšová

Initially, I’ve studied history at the Charles University Faculty of Arts. I’ve always been drawn to Africa, which is how I eventually got to know various non-profit organizations. As a volunteer, I’ve started teaching Czech for foreigners and absolutely devoted myself to it. You could call it a coincidence, but I think it’s fate. What I love most about teaching is hearing students ask questions. To me that means that they’re actually interested in learning and it warms my heart. Other than teaching, I enjoy reading, going for walks, dogs of all sorts, laughing with friends over a pint of craft beer, and above all happy students :)

Ludmila Kopřivová

After graduating in Slavic Languages from the Charles University Faculty of Arts, I worked as an independent professional editor in the SNTL foreign language dictionaries and specialized literature editorial office. I also did proofreading, translations, and cooperated with LEDA Publishing. I’ve been a teacher of Czech for foreigners (mostly Slavs) of all proficiency levels since 2013. I also work with the Research and Test Centre at Charles University Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies as an examinator and evaluator of spoken and written of the ZKOBČ exam (exam for application for Czech citizenship), CCE B2 exam, and previously also the exam for granting permanent residency. I’m also a member of the AUČCJ (Association of Teachers of Czech as a Foreign Language), where I’ve run several private and group language courses for asylum seekers. And what do I like about my job? I like that I get to meet talented and motivated students, who enjoy learning Czech, and I’m thrilled with their every progress and achievement. It also gives me an option to look at the beauty of our native language from another (their) point of view. So it’s not just them learning, but also me. A teacher’s job is hard, but also meaningful and rewarding.

Nela Pochová

I’m originally a university lecturer of philosophy, but I’ve been teaching languages, especially Czech for foreigners, since 2004. I work with language schools. occasionally translate texts, and I’ve been working in the Integration Centre Prague since 2016. I see teaching as a way of pushing myself and my students further. I try to keep a friendly and relaxed vibe in the classroom and deliver the teaching material in a fun way. In my spare time, I like travelling, watching movies and handcrafts. Life motto: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” (Steve Jobs)

Ludmila Bartošová

I’ve graduated with a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Czech Studies from the Palacký University Faculty of Arts. I became interested in Czech in the context of the communication needs of international students around 2011-2013 when I was teaching at an English-Czech grammar school in Prague. My motivation to teach Czech is, among other things, the students’ will to learn, their curiosity, and interest in leading a dialogue with others. In group lessons, we often practice vowels and sentence pronunciation, understanding of Czech sentence structure, and communication in dialogues. I’m also interested in social and environmental politics, animal and environmental protection, and local, regenerative and degrowth economies, and I support the implementation of universal basic income. Other than that, I enjoy relaxing and spending my time with family and friends.

Nataša Kević

I’ve graduated in Czech Studies from the University of Belgrade. I moved to the Czech Republic 20 years ago, started working first as a translator, and later I also got into teaching Czech to foreigners. Learning a language can help us to deeper understand the local culture, people, and their mentality. Through communication, everything that was once distant and unknown to us foreigners then becomes near and dear. That’s why learning Czech is doubly exciting: both from the linguistical and people point of view – both for the student and the teacher.

What do our clients say about our lecturers?

  • “I had great time learning Czech at ICP and the teacher was wonderful too.:)”
  • “Paní učitelka je velmi dobrá, pečlivě a trpělivě odpovídá na dotazy studentů, atmosféra ve třídě je harmonická a aktivní. Jsem jí velmi vděčný.”
  • “Преподаватель обладает обширными знаниями не только непосредственно по предмету, но и о жизни в стране в целом. Даёт массу дополнительной полезной информации по темам:кино, музыка, известные личности, праздники. Курс проходит очень легко и интересно. Каждому ученику оказывается внимание, поправляется высловность, даются ответы на дополнительные вопросы. Преподаватель-не просто профессионал, но и крайне приятная личность. Очень бы хотелось попасть не только на продолжение курса, но и к данному преподавателю.”
  • “I’m very grateful for the service I got from this organization! As an expat, learning a new language, culture and trying to integrate is really hard but I feel like I have help here and I don’t feel as lonely because of integration center. So thank you!”
  • “Zvláštní poděkování učiteli za jednoduchost a dostupnost výuky, laskavost, otevřenost, citlivost a pozornost pro každého studenta a lásku k své práci.”
  • “Пани Н. блестяще справилась со своей работой. Каждый урок был проведен информационно-доступно, насыщенно и в тоже время очень легко. Информация была получена не только в рамках урока, а и затрагивала ответы на дополнительные вопросы, которые возникали во время лекций. Сами лекции проходили в очень не принужденной атмосфере и доступной форме. Спасибо за ваш труд. И до новых встреч.”
  • “Our professor is the best language teacher I have had in my life (and this is my fourth language). She makes Czech much easier than expected, the class is interactive and meaningful, she is professional, kind, smart and creative, she uses lots of IT useful resources, she is an excellent teacher and communicator. Furthermore, she is very intelligent and she adapts to the circumstances, to the group, to the needs of the students as whole and individually. In brief,our professor and her course have been wonderful. Gratuluju, ICP! A děkuji mnohokrát!”
  • “Our teacher is absolutely incredible, amazing and a brilliant teacher. I enjoyed going to class because i knew she understood everyone’s ability and explained everything to the last letter. She made the classroom fun, engaged with everyone and did practicals just to go the extra mile for anybody who didn’t understand. She is an asset to ICP and I would recommend all my friends to join. She is one of a kind and i am beyond grateful to have been in her class. Dekuji.”
  • “Děkuji moc paní učitelce za zajímavé a interaktivní lekce. To byl ideální kurz, nic bych nezměnila.”
  • “Прекрасный преподаватель :-) Очень все тщательно и доходчиво объясняет!”