Frequently asked questions

1. I want to study Czech language. When do the courses start?

Standard courses for adults are being opened in ICP twice a year (in February and August), preparatory courses for permanent residence exams are likewise opened twice a year (in March and September). Exact dates for registration in the respective courses are posted with sufficient time in advance after clicking on “More info + Registration (Více info + Registrace) of the respective course

2. Is it a problem if I don’t know my level?

That’s okay! To determine your language level there’s a placement test, which you can take during phase 1 of your registration. The system will determine your Czech language level as either A1 or A2 based on the results of this test. If you’re a complete beginner, you may skip the test

Attention: If someone else completes the test for you, we won’t be able to identify your level and enroll you for the corresponding course. Hence, please complete the test yourself to avoid unpleasant situations. Thank you.

3. Is it possible to register in advance or to secure a spot in any course?

Unfortunately, no. Registration takes place twice a year during set periods. It is not possible to register during any other time. We announce all the information regarding current registration at our website.

Regarding information about registration, please only trust ICP’s official resources. Do not trust any private entities presenting themselves outside of our official sites. 

4. Can I change the course after signing up?

We are sorry. It’s not possible to make any modifications after you’ve registered for a certain course.

Please, choose a course which you can attend. We recommend you to think twice which schedule you choose.

5. What should I do if I can´t attend any of the scheduled courses?

In that case try to contact other organization, for instance:

CIC – Centrum pro integraci cizinců



Poradna pro integraci

Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University

6. What should I bring for the first lesson?

We need to check that you belong to our target group so please don´t forget to bring your residence permit (passport or biometric card). You will see the exact date and time of your first class in the registration system immediately after successful registration.

7. Why do you present the courses as free of charge if I have to pay 2000 CZK? 

The sum you are paying is not a course fee, but a RETURNABLE motivation deposit. The deposit will be returned to you on the condition that you’ve attended at least 70 % of the classes.  By this measure we try to ensure that the course will be attended only by students devoted to studying. 

8. You say that you can’t provide your services to everyone. How can I find out whether I’m in your target   group and thus can attend the courses?

Our services are funded by EU funds. Thus, it determines the rules that we must follow, including specification of the target group: third-country nationals with a legal stay in the territory of the Czech Republic for a period exceeding 90 days (long-term visa, long-term residence, temporary residence, permanent residence) or third-country nationals that have been granted international protection in the Czech Republic (asylum or subsidiary protection).

9. What can I do if I fail to sign up for a course?

We are sorry, but if the system hasn’t drawn your name as a participant or put you on the waiting list, there’s nothing we can do for you. Don’t despair; you can take part in the registration the next semester. Try contacting other organizations offering Czech language courses as well.  

Please keep in mind that hundreds of students are interested in the Czech courses offered by ICP every time.

We are doing everything we can to let as many of you as possible attend the courses and to keep the quality of the courses as high as always.

10. Where do the courses take place?

The majority of our courses take place at the Integration Centre Prague classrooms  at Žitná 51, 110 00 Prague 1. 

11. What does it mean if I see a message that I’m on the waiting list? What should I do?

If the system has selected you as an alternate participant, you’ve still got a chance to participate in the courses. We reach out to alternate participants in case a spot frees up in the course, but no later than by the third lesson of the course

12. What should I do if I forget the password to my account in the registration system?

The password can be easily reset. You’ll receive a new password in the email after clicking the “reset password” button. However, remember your login details, because you can see administrative information about your course and instructions on paying the motivational deposit in the system. Please, do not create multiple accounts in the system – your chances of being selected will not improve and any duplicate accounts will be deleted.

13. Is it possible to sign up for the subsequent course?

Unfortunately, we don’t hold any subsequent courses at present. If you’ve completed our A1 course and would like to attend the A2 course, you need to go through all the registration steps once again.

14. If I still have questions regarding the courses, who can I ask for advice?

If you have carefully read our website, and you haven’t found the answer, you can contact our language course coordinators, Jana Januševičová:; Eva Šenkýřová: