Enrollment in the Czech language courses

How to apply for the autumn semester 2020?

Enrollment in the new Czech language courses is coming! Are you interested in studying Czech in ICP? In this article we will tell you how to proceed!

Same as in the previous semesters, the enrollment consists of three steps. However, due to the huge demand we decided not to accept the students according to the time of their enrollment because the difference was often just miliseconds. Instead of that the participants will be randomly drawn by the registration system.

Read more about the registration steps and dates below.


Signing up in the System

13 – 19. 7. 2020

Use the green button below to enter the online registration system for the Czech courses.

Enter your personal data and complete the sorting test which will determine your Czech level.

Based on how many points you get in the test, the system will offer you courses corresponding to your Czech level. Choose only one of these courses to register as an applicant.

You can change the course you’ve chosen till 23:59 on 19. 7. No changes are possible on the day of drawing lots.


Drawing Lots

20 – 21. 7 . 2020

From each course’s applicant list the system will randomly draw 15 participants and additionally put 10 people on the waiting list.

You will be informed of the lot-drawing results by email on 22.7.

In case the system draws your name, you will also get information on motivational deposit payment in the email.


Paying the motivational deposit and attending the first lesson

You will need to pay a motivational deposit of 2000 CZK before the course starts.

In case your name is drawn, you will see the payment details (the account number and the variable symbol) and the deadline for paying the deposit in the system. Don’t forget to enter your unique variable symbol when making the payment.

After your motivational deposit is credited to the account, you will get a confirmation.

If you attend at least 70% of the lessons your deposit will be refunded to you.

Registering for the course is completed by attending the first lesson, where your valid IDs (biometric card, passport) will be checked.